Saturday, 21 March 2009

Ironing and recycling

Household chores are getting to be more and more fun! I recycled this soup tin into a pencil holder using fantasy film and my iron.... I used about 3 layers of fantasy film, just dabbed some white glue onto the can to hold the first layer in place while I ironed it, the other layers just bond to the first layer.

The Green Man embellishment is a moulded piece, made from Friendly Plastic in an Enchanted Gallery mould, and rubbed over with Treasure Gold to take some of the glitz off.


  1. Gorgeous transformation. You're having so much fun, I foresee a whole home redo LOL!

  2. Marvelous, my friend! Wish we were in the same corner of the world and could hang out and create and play with materials and colors...

  3. Wow- that is wonderful.
    Except now I can't throw away a can again- ever.

  4. Hi Adrienne, I just got this post put up on I love it! Next time you might try using a heat tool on the film and it will shrink to the ribs of the can. Could be more fun! And more recycling!!



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