Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Doing the ironing

Have you ever ironed a pear??? I have!

I was inspired by Zeborah's fantasy gourd and 'dragon eggs', so decided to try my hand at 3-D fantasy film.

Using a combination of a fake pear, pva glue, fantasy film, an iron and a heat gun, I transformed this life sized fake pear into a shimmery other-worldly fruit! It took a little patience, but I got there in the end.

I did try stamping & embossing the pear, but I foolishly chose an interference embossing powder which didn't show (and I thought it was going to show in a deep iridescent green!!!). All this process did was take a lot of the shine away, and I didn't like the pear quite as much. So I ironed on some angelina fibres:

It's still not quite as pretty as it was with just the fantasy film, and you can't really see the texture or colours very well in the photograph, but I rather like it!!


  1. Ooooo! I love it - what gorgeous color!

  2. I like it tooo !beautiful!! just tried my fantasy fibres today for the first time,havent done anything as stunning as this though lol xx

  3. Uh oh- you are in trouble now.
    I must warn you that this is VERY addictive. LOL

    Love your pear! Trish may try to steal it. hehehehe

  4. Stunning.. great job Adrienne!

  5. This look s fantastic Adrienne! I really, really must have a play with this technique!

  6. hehe... that's way awesome :)

  7. I am just loving this pear!! It is gorgeous!

  8. I am so going to get some fake fruit to iron !! LOL !!!

  9. You created a beautiful pear. Almost as good as Ma Nature.

  10. Oh my. I am totally blown away! I just kinda stumbled on this and all I can sa is WOW! Great job!

  11. Ooooo great pear. The only use you should put an iron to lol. I love the can too. Thanks for all your inspiring work.


  12. This is totally gorgeous. What are the fake fruits made of? I don't suppose you can use polystyrene shapes because of the heat. I went over to Zeborah's blog to see if there was a technique but there wasn't. I know this blog post was a while back (only just discovered you lol!) but would you be able to do a tutorial on this? The results are so stunning!



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