Monday, 25 June 2007

More sudoku ATCs

Helen's beautiful spattered background arrived, and Carol had added handmade paper (which Helen loves) down the edge.

Sheryl stamped the word 'Inspire' down the side, and I felt I ought to try and live up to the sentiment.

I originally went to make a stamped and embossed skeleton leaf on acetate, as I know Helen also loves leaves. I thought I would add colour with PearlEx behind the acetate, but whilst searching through the layers on my craft table, I came across the Stampbord...

Inspiration struck, and bubbles and alcohol ink got added to the leaves and gold embossing powder mix.

I'm quite happy with this, now I wonder what Chrissy will add to it?

Thursday, 21 June 2007

5 lilies

Here are the other 5 ATCs using the After Midnight lily stamp.

Top left - stamped with versamark,
heat embossed with black embossing powder,

mounted onto a background made with posh metallic inks,
then onto mirror card.

Top right - stamped onto an alcohol ink background with Crimson Copper Brilliance ink, mounted onto textured black card, then textured gunmetal metallic card.

Bottom left is stamped onto an acrylic painted background with Mediterranean Blue Brilliance ink, mounted onto some mirror card texturised with Stewart Gill Lead Patina embossing powder, then onto some more of the acrylic paint background.

Mliddle bottom - 'faux fantasy glass' on fun foam, using Mediterranean Blue Brilliance ink and Krista's Eyes fantasy film, matted onto canvas effect orange card, then textured leather effect deep blue card. Shame the colours don't all show in the scan, the image is green, blur or orange, depending on the angle of view.

Bottom right - stamped into heated fun foam, then highlighted with wax rub ons. Mounted onto a background made form a book page sprayed with colourwashes, overstamped with versamark and gold embossed using a Hearts in Touch texture stamp. This may be the stamp I use more than any other....

For more information about 'faux fantasy glass',
see Zeb's tutorial on the After Midnight website:

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Floral ATC swap

I signed up for a monthly ATC swap on an Australian yahoo group,
without asking what the theme was.
And then I found out it was 'Floral Fancy'.

Well, I don't DO flowers....

So this ATC is what I came up with - a non-traditional take on 'floral'.
I took a background made by painting card with Modern Options
blackened bronze metallic surfacer,
painted over with green patina solution.
I used an After Midnight lily stamp, and heat embossed with detail gold EP.
The image is matted onto a textured black card and
a textured metallic gunmetal grey card.

I hope the recipients like it.
I also misunderstood the swap instructions
and made 6 different ATCs using this image
instead of making 6 identical ATcs.
I will upload the other 5 ATCs soon!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Progressive ATCs part 2

My own backgrounds for the two groups I am in are quite different.

This is the 'group 3' background. This background is a book page, sprayed with colourwashes, stamped with a swirly stamp in Brilliance ink in a toning colour, and embossed with a gold embossing powder, using my favourite texture stamp.

This is the 'group 1' background. It is cardstock made to look like rusty metal by painting it with Modern Options patinating solutions - Iron metalic surfacer and rust patinating solution. It is fascinating stuff - you watch the rust 'appear' over a matter of hours....

It will be very interesting to see what the other players do to 'my' ATCs. I will post pictures of the finished ATCs when I eventually get them back.

Progressive ATCs

I am in the middle of a Progressive ATC swap. This is a swap where a group of 6 players progressively add to 6 sets of of 6 ATCs. Each person creates a set of 6 backgrounds, and then sends them to the next player, who adds something and sends them to the next player. Each person in the group adds something to each set of ATCs and sends them to the next person.

The 6th person finishes the ATCs and then sends one to each of the other players, so that eventually each player ends up with a set of 6 different ATCs to which they have contributed.

Confused? So am I LOL. But the artwork is fun!

I joined 2 groups, so will get to start 2 sets of ATCs off, and add to 10 other sets.

The well travelled ATC above started life in Australia, where Jessie created a gorgeous copper background. It travelled to the USA, where Maggi added some toning tissue paper, and sent it on to me here in Wales. I decided it needed a lizard for 'step 3', so made some lizards from friendly plastic in Krafty Lady Moulds, then 'antiqued' them using Modern Options patina solutions - copper metallic surfacer and green patina. This ATC is now travelling 'up north' to Merseyside, where trish will be adding something else...

This set of ATCs is in the other group - Sheryl (USA) started it off with a beautiful shimmery background using color washes, and I have added a strip of caught-in-crystal (acetate side down) in toning colours over the top. This set of ATCs is headed back to the USA for Chrissy to add something.

The set of ATCs below was begun by Maggi (USA). I love the bright colours and interesting texture, and didn't want to cover it up!

I decided that something small and shimmery was just the thing, and added some twinkling stars....



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