Saturday, 9 February 2008

Deco book round robin

Next Generation Stampers yahoo group are running a deco book round robin - where each person sends a small book to a random person on the participants list, and then waits patiently for their book to be sent on to other participants until it is full of beautiuflly decorated pages and sent home....

I wondered about whether to buy a book, make a book or use a book somebody had made for me. I remembered that I had been given a beautiful little book by Margaret Rogers at Art & Soul in Portland, and realised it would be perfect for this purpose.

It is such a pretty book that I have hesitated to use it for anything mundane. making it even more beautiful by decorating all the pages seems like a great idea! I created a sign in page - it's a bit plain, and I may add to it before mailing my book out to the first person:

And then I felt I couldn't let it leave home without decorating a page of my own,
so I did a quick double page spread:

Trish B has been running a paint scraping challenge on Next Generation Stampers yahoo group. The idea is that you dribble 2 or 3 colours of acrylic onto a piece of cardstock and then scrape it about with a credit card. I discovered that I am not able to be messy enough ;-)

I did dribble 3 colours of Stewart Gill Byzantia paint onto the cardstock - but in layers, rather than at the same time. I scraped each layer with the credit card. Each time, I thought the layer looked too messy, so I spread and evened out the paint out some more. And then I didn't like the end result much, so I stamped into the top layer with a clean stamp!!! I really like this now - in real life it looks like silk - but it doesn't look anything like any of the other scraped paint background samples I've seen.....



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