Thursday, 31 July 2008

Row Houses

Well, I know these little row houses are very popular, and are popping up all over the net, but I had real trouble with them!!! I needed to make 26 for a swap. I looked at other people's, and loved them all, but couldn't quite get my own take on them straight. I have dabbled and dabbled, which is why there are several little groups of differing styles within the pictures.

When I finished, although they don't seem to have a cohesive 'style' I was happy with all but one. Can you guess which???

Update - I mailed these to the swap hostess in two batches (because I left the top 5 on the scanner bed and didn't find out till the next day). And only the set of 5 arrived. Somewhere in the British postal system, reside my 21 row houses, all unappreciated. How sad is that?


  1. I love them all! If it was me then the least favourite Row House would be my very last ones featured on the page as I usually show my favourites first and the ones I dont like last! So Im applying my logic to your layout and saying the one you like least is the black celestial one - though I happen to love it along with them all!

  2. Fun to See - you did not like the LIZARD!

  3. I'm thinking it must be the iguana?

    Love the site, Mollye

  4. He he he - the lizard and the black celestial ones are amongst my favourites LOL. Which is why I was feeling all odd about these - my muse didn't want to stick images on, it wanted to make more unusual houses...

    The way I uploaded the pics was totally random. Actually, the one I don't like is in the first set.

  5. Hi Adrienne,

    I love all of your little Row Houses. Couldn't possible guess which one you aren't happy with.
    Congrats on being named Nancy's "Super site".



  6. It's the one with the blue thing, right?

    (I love the lizard)

  7. Well done Zoom - it's the one with the 'blue thing', which is beautiful in it's own right and in other contexts, but I didn't get it right here! The blue thing is actually an Enchanted Gallery mould of a lady with long hair and a lizard...




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