Monday, 7 July 2008

Angel with lace

I am involved in a big skinny book swap with the theme of 'angellic', so I have been exploring ways of representing angels. This angel is a Christmas decoration (why did i think of this in July???) based on an idea and template by Diana Twedt. I have made it from cardstock instead of the foam core board and matt board Diana uses - because I wanted this angel to be light and flat for mailing. I used stamped tissue paper to cover the angel body, and brown and embossed torn papers for the torso and arms part, which lays over the body. I thought it would be fun to use faces clipped from magazines instead of stamping a face, and the wings and halo are made from Sheer Heaven, which will take any amount of punishment.


  1. Wonderful. and I get 3 of them!

  2. They're brilliant! So contemporary... and I love the wings/halo.




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