Friday, 11 July 2008

Angellic skinny pages

What was I thinking??? I signed up for 6 sets of 12 pages for this skinny book. Each set has to have a different design. Mind you, that's better than doing 72 pages all the same, which would have driven me nuts. But it is stretching my brain, thinking up new designs. I think each page is marginally better than the previous one - so the last one should be GREAT - unless I peak early!!!

The front of this page has a fantasy film embellishment, the back is the same design, stretched, and printed onto transparency. The background is pale blue cardstock, dabbed with iridescent medium.

This angel is based on a Diana Twedt template - I shrank it to fit my page, then covered it with printed paper and overlays of stamped tissue. The printed paper is pretty unique - it comes from a very old New Testament, which has each page printed in Welsh, with the English version on the other side. I thought it appropriate for angels. Her upper body is a combination of stamped tissue and stamping. The wings are only glued under the body, so they are free to flap... The hair is Golden mica flakes. The back of the page combines elements form the front - mica flakes and the printed pages, with an angellic cherub stamp (Bella Rosa).

This angel is a photograph of a ceramic sculpture that I photographed in a gallery a couple of years ago. The background is colourwash sprays, overstamped with chocolate Brilliance diamonds which are made up of fine swirls (Innovative Stamp Creations). The cardstock is textured on the front, so the background looks slightly different on the back. I stamped the angel wings all over (Invoke Arts) then added detail with a white pen.

3 sets done, 3 to go - and 2 of those are half done, just waiting for the postman to bring more printer ink and a new stamp!!!

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  1. Hi Adrienne - love what you have done so far - can't wait to receive my three from you - great blog - Cheers Trizzy




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