Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Angelic pages 2

These are the other 3 angelic pages I made for the Angelic Tall & Skinny book (which is going to be the fattest skinny book I have ever seen!)

Group 4 pages - I started with some dark pewter flower patterned/textured cardstock, and smooshed a black inkpad over the textured pattern to bring the pattern out. On the other side of the card, I used a magazine page to dab various shades of metallic, transparent and opaque acrylic paints onto the page. The paints were a mixture of Golden fluid acrylics and Jacquard Lumiere paints. Once dry, I stamped over them with some antique text in Galaxy gold Brilliance ink.

The angel on the left is actually Victory, it is a photograph of part of a a Roman bronze relief plaque found at Caerleon Roman Fortess in south Wales. I separated her from her background in Photoshop Elements.

The angel on the right is a scan of a half finished angel as used for one of my previous pages, before I added the upper body. I rather liked it, so I used it as one side of this page.

Group 5 pages - the images are both Tiffany stained glass panels. I love Tiffany glass, the coliurs are so rich and the designs are beautiful. I didn't want my background to detract from the beauty of the glass, so I just crumpled some black tissue paper, smoothed it out, and stuck it to cardstock with gel medium. I smooshed over the top of the creases with Versamark, then used 2 colours of Moonglow embossing powders mixed together - Angel Peacock Wings and Desert Moon Copper Pine. These turned into gorgeous deep green pearlescent highlights on the page.

Finally, my Group 2 pages. The page on the left is another crumpled background - this time it is crumpled copy paper. I coloured it with colourwashes, dried it, crumpled it, and used a Pearlescent Purple Brilliance pad to highlight the raised areas. I took the photograph of the graveyard angels, and turned them purple in Photoshop Elements before printing onto transparency. I used gel medium to adhere the transparency onto some iridescent textured gift wrap, which just adds some glittery sparkle behind some parts of the image.

The page on the right is a digital collage of a child graveyard angel, layered onto a background of a faded wall with ferns growing in it. I stamped the phrase using pigment ink.

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  1. I am a big fan of altered art and your angels are great, particularly loving the print one. Great stuff !

    sam x




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