Wednesday, 14 November 2007


I don't knit very often. I used to knit jumpers for all the family while I was bringing up children, and had to do fancy patterns because plain knitting didn't hold my interest. I recently saw a beautiful scarf, but thought it was too expensive, and decided to find some similar wool to knit my own.

Well, I failed to find any remotely similar wool, but while I was looking, I saw and fell in love with some hand dyed merino wool.... and ended up buying 2 skeins at £12.50/$25 a skein... plus a pattern book... so my finished scarf will have cost almost twice the 'too expensive' scarf I saw in the first place. And that's without considering the hours it took to knit - around 45, I think!

Anyway, here is part of the scarf - and as my friend Maggi said 'you will have a unique piece when you are done'. It's certainly unique, and has drawn all sorts of comments from people who saw it while I was knitting on planes, in airports, at markets, at work... The pattern is called 'entrelac' and you can get very different effects according to the size of needles, and the thickness & fluffiness of wool you choose.


  1. Fan-tabulous! I really like how the pattern enhances the beauty of the yarn. And, you will be happy to know, that I have started on my "mission" to learn how to knit socks!!!

  2. Gorgeous, but I want to see more!!! What does it look like in its entirety?

  3. It's beautiful - I love the colours and the pattern too



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