Sunday, 18 November 2007

Italian Gesso background

I needed to create an ATC for a swap,
and as most of my supplies are still inaccessible (house renovations),
I am limited to using the supplies I took to the US.
I have decided that this is a good thing,
as I am having to think differently.
The theme of this swap was 'geographic/place',
so I looked at my supplies (and the rest of the house),
and this is what I came up with:

I took a sheet of cardstock, some liquid acrylic medium,
white gesso, 2 amaretto biscuit wrappers,
some photographs torn from a sheet of printed paper,
a paintbrush, a sheet of kitchen paper towel,
and one drop each of 3 colours of fluid acrylic paint -
paynes grey, transparent yellow iron oxide, transparent red iron oxide.

Tear the biscuit wrappers, mix the gesso and acrylic medium and use
to adhere the papers to the card.
Add small amounts of colour into the mixed gesso & medium,
and use the resulting mess to glue the small pieces
of printed paper onto the background.

Paint mixture over the small pieces of paper,
wipe off with the kitchen paper.
Use some of the left over paint/gesso mix
to randomly daub the sheet between the photographs,
wipe off with kitchen paper.
Allow to dry, use as backgrounds....

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