Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Claudine Hellmuth's Art & Soul class part 3

This is a piece - A4 size - that I created in class, using a 'faux leather' background made by crumpling a magazine page, rubbing with Nevrdull, and then painting with a glaze of Golden fluid acrylics in one or two colours and adding a few touches of metallic pastels. The collaged elements were all altered by rubbing with Nevrdull.

This piece has a background of part of a National Geographic/Citrasolv page (glued onto canvas paper to give it some 'body', with an image cut from a magazine page glued on. It is not finished yet, I am waiting until I see a suitable Egyptian element to add to the page, in the space under the 'T'.

The final sample took only a few minutes to make - it is an area of a National Geographic page glued to canvas paper, with a 'Nevrdulled' flower and some text collaged onto the page. Quick, easy, and looks as if I spent some time on it!!!


  1. I have bought some brasso which I believe is similar to neverdull and after seeing your work I want to have a go - hope it is easy!!! because the effects are stunning

  2. I think your examples are beautiful. I have used Brasso for a couple little projects but I need to practise more... enjoyable though, isn't it? LOL!!

  3. Gorgeous! Thanks for all the instructions



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