Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Beryl Taylor's Art & Soul class

Beryl Taylor is a British born artist who now lives in the US.
Beryl originally trained as a fabric artist,
but now incorporates some paper art ideas
and techniques into her work,
and is described as a 'mixed media artist'.
I think her work is stunning:

and she has also written a beautiful book:

The class at Art & Soul was 'making fabric paper'
and involved layering muslin (US)
or fine lawn cotton (UK)
with printed papers and tissue paper
and paint to make a 'fabric paper'.

The technique is described in Beryl's book.

The 'paper' is easy to make but takes a long time to dry.
It took us a good hour of the class
and also the lunch hour
to get our pieces dry enough to work on.

I think it might have been better to
spread the class over 2 evenings -
one making the paper,
the second creating the artwork.

Once we had made out papers,
we glued pieces to felt,
layered them, added stitches & beads,
and finished them off by edging them
with Aileens' tacky glue, coated in Krylon.

Beryl's sample piece was mounted onto matt board.
I will mount mine and have it framed soon.


  1. Gorgeous as always, thanks Adrienne

  2. Adrienne, this is beautiful! Could I feature this piece on Inspirational please?

    Have a look and let me know if you agree please?

  3. Adrienne ~ I saw you featured on the Inspirational blog and just had to come visit. Your piece is just fabulous, your colors amazing and the scallops at the bottom are a fantastic touch. I took BTaylor's class in May of this year, my heart piece turned out pink and blue. I did a 6May blog post on it. It's such a lot of fun, I've had every intention of making more paper, if only I didn't need to sleep. Isn't BTaylor a fabulous teacher too!



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