Saturday, 7 July 2007

Radiant Rain

I am in LOVE!!! I ordered all the Radiant Rain sprays from Fran the Frantic Stamper. I was confident that as Zeborah loved them so much, I would too LOL. I have studiously ignored them for DAYS as I was concentrating on Teesha, but today I had a little play! The interference colours are great on black glossy, and the shimmer of the colours on white glossy and matte is fabulous. By accident, I doscovered something interesting. I laid textured kitchen paper towel under the sheets I was spraying, to catch the 'extra'.

I noticed that with the Red Jasper spray, it seemed as if the red was staying on the raised areas, but the more condensed areas seemed to be showing bronze. So, I took a couple of fresh sheets of kitchen towel off the roll, and sprayed away... and as you can see, you get a 2-tone effect which reminds me of the flock wallpaper you used to see everywhere in the 1970s LOL. I must try this with other colours to see what happens!

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