Sunday, 8 July 2007

Radiant rain experiments

If you spray the radiant rain lightly, it works like any other colorwash spray, but with more intense & colourful glimmer. The mica has been coloured to match the ink, which is why it is more intense. The piece on the left was sprayed lightly with copper, and a blue.

If you spray the Radiant Rain more generously, especially on less absorbent surfaces, it 'clumps' together, and creates the effect you can see on both samples with a dark background.

The top one was done with Interference Gold on black glossy cardstock.

The next peice down was a mixture of Interference Violet (top), Interference Red (middle) & Interference Blue (bottom) on black satin cardstock. The Interference Red looks more like gold to me.

The final piece was Jasper red, oversprayed with bronze, on matte textured white cardstock.

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  1. great backgrounds! I have one color and I am going to have to play with it!



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