Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mixed media pendant

I had a few birthday presents to make, and reluctantly decided to use my last few Patera hearts. These are part of a range of really high quality jewellery findings, and the pendants all have matching punches, which makes it really easy to achieve a professional finish when cutting your artwork to fit.

I was only reluctant because I have a weird thing about not using things in my stash which I really like, especially the last of anything (because then I won't have it any more, and who knows whether I can get it again LOL).

I was also reluctant because I can't find a UK supplier for these beautiful high quality jewellery findings, and UK customs restrictions on imported goods means I can only buy 5 at a time from the US, unless I want to pay £8 handling charge plus 17.5% tax.

I took some fabric paper scraps left over form my last mixed media art quilt, and punched it to shape. I stamped with Versamark, and embossed with Stewart Gill Metallic copper embossing powder, then sewed on a bead and bead spacer. Voila! A pretty unique piece of wearable art. Apologies for the image quality, I scanned it and probably should have taken a photograph instead.
Anyway, I hope the friends who receive them for their birthdays like them!


  1. I'm glad it's not just me who keeps things just to stroke!

    You can get some Patera stuff including these hearts from Stamp Addicts in the UK - link below

  2. Thanks for the info Kate. I like the copper hearts and Stamp Addicts only sells the silver colour. Also, they are only $5.45 in the US.... which makes buying 5 at a time from the US cheaper...

  3. Beautiful. Any friend would treasure this. Lynne M

  4. I really love this heart Adrienne - thank you so much! xo




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