Sunday, 22 June 2008

Sweetpea's deco book

I worked on a couple of pages for Sweetpea.
I had seen Annette in Oz (see blog links)
do some work using cuttlebug folders
in a slightly different way,
and wanted to try for myself.

I quite like the textured effect,
but need to work on the technique some more,
as I like the way Annette's colours blend
more than mine!!!

I also had a play with laminating fantasy film,
to get a slightly firmer embellishment than the
kind I get when I iron it onto stamps.
The sheets are stiff, and can be stamped on.

I found out it gets some interesting striped effects
as it gets heated inside the laminating pocket.

I also found out that Brilliance ink takes even longer
to dry on laminating pouches than it does
on shrink plastic or acetate...

1 comment:

  1. Love the multi embossing. Haven't figured out how you and Annette do that. Reveal please!!!!



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