Sunday, 22 June 2008

Autumn's deco

This page is for Autumn's book.
I know Autumn likes mermaids and I did
consider them as the theme for this page,
but decided that as many friends have sent a mermaid
to Autumn this month, she probably has enough
mermaids right now! I decided on women, instead...

I used a page from a Welsh book,
some stamped tissue, some textured card,
and a Little Beauty sent to me
by Carol Sweeney (see blog links)

For the back of the page, I sprayed the card with several
shades of blue colourwash, and it was very bright.
I felt it needed to look 'older' to go with the front,
so I gave it a wash of walnut ink to age it.
I stamped it with a texture stamp from Hearts in Touch,
and framed a Crafty Individuals transparency
with a frame made from a Crafty Individuals
'framed bird' stamp with the centre removed.


  1. Great pages. Love the paper you mounted the "little beauty" on. Did you do that or did it come with that lovely texture?

  2. Lovely! As Usual!!!! I would love some Welsh paper (hint, hint!)



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