Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Final page for round robin

The final page in the final book in this round robin was to have a page using a colour that nobody else had used in the book. I didn't fancy orange or yellow, so I went for charcoal!!!

I painted the pages with 2 coats of Golden micaceous iron oxide, then stamped and edged with Galaxy Gold Brilliance ink, and added the embellishments. There is a surprise for the owner under the larger panel.

I have really enjoyed this swap, and seeing all the work that others have done in the books. I hope all the owners like the books they get back at the end of the swap!


  1. Beautiful work. I think people often shy away from charcoal/ greys and blacks, even as backgrounds, but I love them. You've certainly used them to great effect. So glad you've enjoyed your first AB RR - bet you'll be signing up for more :>

  2. That's lovely....am really loving the background, great work.

  3. Wow! Im impressed! Considering the lack of colour in your colour scheme this spread is amazingly striking and lush! I love it. Send it to me instead!!!

  4. Love your current work in B&W. Gorgeous!!!



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