Saturday, 28 June 2008

Playing with moulding compound

I bought myself some 2 part silicone moulding compound from Polymerclayexpress. It is $7 for a small pot - considerably cheaper than some of the big brands available on other websites and in the shops, and it works just as well. In fact, mould'n'pour costs £13 here in the UK, almost 4 times the price.

Actually the compound from Polymerclayexpress works better, as it has a 10 minute curing time instead of a 3-4 minute curing time. So you have lots more time in which to work, if you need it. if you want a quicker result, Polymerclayexpress also do a yellow version which cures in 2 minutes or so. You don't have to use a whole pot at once, like I did!!! I did mix it up a bit at a time, but once I had made the first 2 moulds, I got carried away and kept going until the pot was empty! It took maybe 20 minutes to make these. Eleven moulds for $7 has to be a bargain, and I also know that the embellishments I make will be different from those that I see on most other people's artwork.

I bought the charms form Fancifuls Inc a while ago. They have the most extensive and fabulous range of charms there, in a wide range of sizes. if you go to their website, take a big pot of coffee because you will be there for a while. And their website does take a bit of navigating. I have to have a pen and paper by my side to write the codes of the ones I like down as trying to find them again is too time consuming!

I LOVE charms, but there are times when you don't want a metal embellishment, or even a shiny embellishment, and when you need an embellishment that is more flexible than metal. So, a mould opens up the possibility of having the same motifs in air dry clay, in whatever colour I want!

The other moulded items are some resin sticky backed embellishments I bought during my trip to the US last October. I have never seen them here, so I thought I would take moulds of them to re-create them in air dry clay once I have used the embellishemnts on projects.


  1. I can see myself buying some of this would be great to put friendly plastic into perhaps!



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