Monday, 12 May 2008

Round Robin book, 2nd spread

This is the spread I did in Linda's book.

Linda chose the colour yellow for her book,
with an option to include 'garden colours',
and a sub theme of doors.

I have never worked in yellow,
and found it quite difficult to
think of an attractive design.

I looked at the spread Linda had done in her own book,
and it had images of daffodils and a poem by William Wordsworth.
I decided to use the themes of flowers and poetry.

Once I had found the poem for the left hand page,
all about the wilderness and weeds,
by Gerald Manley Hopkins,
it led me to adding pressed leaves and
flowers - all grown in my own garden.

And once I had settled on flowers,
sunflowers seemed appropriate,
so I printed a sunflower stained glass image
onto a transparency and framed it with copper tape,
which is used for tiffany stained glass work.

I added a tag which has an appropriate
poem by William Blake on it,
and attached it with wire so that it can be
easily lifted and turned over to read the second verse.

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