Monday, 19 May 2008

Photograph for Trish's ArtBuzz challenge

Trish Bee:

wants evidence of pictures taken of "something that moves you or catches your eye, something which looks artistic, a natural beauty which hasn't been staged or posed in any way. No people or pets for this - try to think of every day objects or things in nature…it could be the leaves on the ground, flowers, clouds or even litter on the floor."

I took a few pics and thought I'd share them with you!

A stone in the wall of a ruined castle - Dolforwyn Castle near Montgomery, Wales.

I love the way the stone has crazed,
and how the crazing is white and
a stark contrast to the deep grey of the stone.

A churchyard next to the sea - at Dyffryn Ardudwy, near Harlech, Wales.
This looks so atmospheric. I love the sea,
and would love to be buried n
ext to it when I die.

A window at Valle Crucis Abbey, near Llangollen, north Wales.
I love the texture of the carved stone, and also the view it frames.

Shalllow water on a beach on Anglesey.
If you look closely you can also see a small jellyfish.
I love the texture and the reflections off the water.


  1. Gorgeous photos, I love everyone of them! I love the framed tree visable through the stone window. I also love the crazy paving wall! The jelly fish look amazing if not lethal! I love to watch the water and how light reflexes off it too. And the view of the sea you took, what really grabbed my attention on that photo is the way the ivy or vines are climbing up the gravestone - a case of life meets death! Quite poetic!! Great photos!

  2. These are all lovely photgraphs Adrienne - you truly do inhabit a stunning part of the world. May fave is the view from the stone window, but the cemetry comes a close second!



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