Saturday, 8 September 2007

Wedding cakes

My last post reminded me that I sometimes make wedding cakes.

So, I thought I would share a few photos of wedding cakes I have made.

The cake above was for a good friend of my brother's,
and if you look carefully, you can see some of
that 'Rosetti work' I have used on my doodle ATC!

The flowers are all made of sugar paste.

This cake was done to specific instructions,
for my eldest step daughter
(I think she thought I wouldn't like it).

I thought it was the coolest cake I have ever done.

(And the easiest!)

It was a humid day in July,
and the 'spikes' had 'relaxed' somewhat
by the time the cake was cut
(about 2 hours after assembling it)
but I think I liked the 'relaxed' version even more!

There were 5 layers, some madeira sponge cake,
some chocolate cake and the bottom layer was rich fruit cake.
Yummy! I like my cakes to taste even better than they look..

The cake above was done last summer,
for a friend, again to specific instructions!

Flowers and leaves all made from sugar paste


  1. Wow, you are very talented!!! If they
    taste half as good as they look they must be very delicious!!!!

  2. Oh! My! God! Once again you have knocked my socks off! LOVE your stuff. If I ever get married again (yeah right!) I want one of those spikey cakes. Awesome :o) A xxx

  3. mmmm! What beauties! I bet they really made a special day feel even more special!

  4. The cake you made for your Step Daughter, is beautiful and so unusual! Are the "feathers" made from rolled fondant?

  5. The spikes on the cake are made from rice paper (UK) aka wafer paper (US), which is edible. It was cut to shape and adhered to the cake with royal icing. I used several layers on each of the 5 tiers of the cake. I have made another similar cake since, where I coloured the spikes by dusting with edible powder food colour - it was a very fetching shade of lilac!




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