Sunday, 23 September 2007

Altered Art????

At the end of our last holiday, we wasted a lot of time
at the airport looking for our suitcase because
somebody else picked it up up by mistake.

We finally caught up with them at the bus stop outside
(purely by chance) and exchanged bags.

I always put my name and address inside my suitcase,
so we would probably have got it back in the end,
but I don't need this sort of hassle!

I wanted to be sure I would be able to
spot my suitcase on an airport carousel.

It was a sort of plain silver colour.

Now it is themed with the season!

I'm not sure it's finished, but I like it better already!

And I certainly won't confuse it with anybody else's suitcase.

Just hope nobody else likes it enough to steal it...


  1. I love it Adrienne! You won't miss that one at the airport.

    How many are you planning on bringing home? When we go to US in April we are taking one suitcase and coming home with about 4

  2. I love it and what a creative idea for spotting your luggage among all those that look alike!!! I bet you get a few orders to do other travelers suitcases! Hey, bring your supplies and maybe you can make some money for more goodies while you are here!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Love it, but don't be surprised if someone thinks it's theirs, that the airline did "something" to it.
    Recently, my folks had a large yellow band around their suitcases with their last name in very large print. Someone with a markedly different last name on similar yellow bands walked off with them because they couldn't be bothered to read which name was emblazoned across the suitcases. LOL

  4. Now I will be able to recognize you for sure when you arrive in Milwaukee!!!!!!

  5. Which airport are you flying from so I can make arrangements to be there and distract you and pinch it.....

  6. What a wonderful idea, now a days everyone has the same suitcase, I have been thinking what to do on my trip in 9 weeks time, thank you for sharing this. Jan Myers

  7. What a totally KEWL idea! Makes me wish I had a hard-side case.
    I was glad to have met you when you on your travels to WI.
    Jan Hoefler

  8. Well, this suitcase finally bit the dust when the handle got broken on my way home from Cyprus. So I put it next to the dustbin ready for the next refuse collection the following week. When I went out the next day I noticed it had disappeared... so I guess somebody liked it!




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