Saturday, 22 September 2007

Art & Soul Necklaces

I am travelling from Wales to Portland next weekend - as I am attending my very first 'Art & Soul' retreat. This is a week of luxury in a hotel (no cooking, no washing up, no food shopping, no worrying about what other people want or need), just playing with arty stuff and learning new techniques, playing with new materials, and meeting like minded people - my idea of BLISS!!!!

Part of the event is trading pieces of your art with others. I have made about 50 necklaces from laminate samples, some of which I have uploaded here. I have also made quite a few ATCs to trade. I will be taking lots of pictures of my time in Portland, and also of the time I spend with friends in Wisconsin (the second part of my trip) and I am sure some of them will eventually find their way onto my blog, so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Superbe ! j'adore les papillons ainsi que la grenouille !

  2. Your work is just lovely, Adrienne, and I'm so glad you're going to get to go to Art & Soul this year! I've never quite made it and I'm only a two-day drive away from there, but you should have tons of fun and meet a lot of people on the various art groups you have been corresponding with for years! Enjoy!

  3. Wow, I absolutely love these Adrienne!

  4. adrianne I love these pieces from laminate smaples. Please share how you make them! where in Wis. were you visiting/ I am in almost the center in Black river Falls. wish I could have met you and shared some art time with you. i am always inspired by your work! Kathy Eddy

  5. Adrienne - I love the pendants. Would you mind telling me how you made them? I keep collecting the laminate samples at Home Depot but haven't come up with something as great as what you created. Thanks

  6. The necklaces are made as follows:

    Take a formica sample, paint it thickly with black gesso (I use Cryla brand, which is 'gloopy'), daubing rather than stroking the gesso on. Leave for a minute or so, then stamp into the gesso with a bold stamp (optional) and then clean the stamp immediately. Allow piece to dry. Rub with Rub'n'Buff. Embellishments are all black Delight air dry clay, used with moulds (mostly Krafty Lady, available from After Midnight Art Stamps in the US), also rubbed over with Rub'n'Buff, and adhered using gel medium. Final touch is to highlight with a Brilliance inkpad.




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