Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Round Robin Board Book

This is a page I have just completed in a 'round robin' board book.

The theme was 'journey' - other contributors had
completed pages on spiritual journeys,
journeys across oceans,
journeys through time,
journeys to particular memorable places,
and the journey within,
but I chose to illustrate the journey of life,
and took Shakespeare's 'Journey of Man'
(from As You Like It) as my starting point.

I used photo transfers onto canvas for the images,
and although I like my doodles :-)
and the background
(torn pages from a thesaurus,
coated with Gesso & Nick Bantock inks),
I am not thrilled with the composition of the page.

It was, however, the only way I could find to
get all the components I wanted to add onto the page...

...and I hope Maggi likes it.


  1. And Maggi loves it to death!!!!!! I have always liked that speech, and of course anything Shakespeare, and "women stuff,too" - glad the theme didn't give you fits!

  2. I can vouch that Maggi will love this!! And, just in case not - I will rip it out and add it to my book ~:o) It is fabulous - and the doodling is GREAT




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