Sunday, 11 October 2009

Wandering with Colour

Wander with colour is a two to three day beading class with Beverly Gilbert. The first half day explores colour theory, and includes collage exercises which reinforce the colour theory, but which also give participants a couple of colour schemes for future use with beads, or even interior design! Beverly then explains how she creates her wonderful bead soups, and evrybody begins to think about the colour scheme for their pieces, and blend beads to make new bead soups which work as transitions between the bead soups in the colours chosen for the piece. That's probably as clear as mud, hopefully the photo below makes it clearer. I worked with the 5 main colours in the photo, but made blends so that the transitions between colours were not abrupt.

Next, I began beading, making a freeform netting, moving through the colours as I went.

After about 4 rows, I began to incorporate bigger beads.

I then began to strengthen, stiffen, and cross over, to bring the piece togeehr and also bulk out some areas.

This is the piece at the end of the two days. It is almost finished, but needs a little work here and there, and will need a clasp. I will finish this when I get home to Wales at the end of the month.

Beverly really is a wonderful teacher. This is the first wholly beaded piece I have ever made, and I love it already!

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  1. GORGEOUS Adrienne
    I love it and well done....I don't suppose the "A" is for Annette?? birthday is in November after all.Truly one day I will meet you and pick your brain I think
    Annette In Oz




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