Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Cory Celaya

I took a fabulous class with Cory Celaya in Arizona today.

We began by making collage papers:

Next, we painted a canvas:

Then we collaged our handmade and other papers onto our painted canvas, and painted over the collaged papers. We stamped and doodled a bit. This is how mine turned out:

I really like it. I'm not sure yet whether it will become a handbag, a wall hanging, a book cover, or something else entirely!


  1. Hi Adrienne
    Okies now I am just plain jealous LOL.Cory is a huge inspiration to me and I so wish I was there in class with you,Debbi,Zeb etc being taught this by Cory as well.Her use of colour is amazing!!Have fun at the After Midnight art ranch retreat Adrienne and keep showing us what you are all up too :o)
    Annette In Oz

  2. Very cool. And your entire week sounds wonderful - hope you get lots of great photos today!

  3. Very lovely reminds me of Fabric paper,what paints did you use?
    You are soooooo lucky wish i was over there with you lollooks like your having a FAB time xx

  4. I am so envious now! That's my kind of art - I love everything about it Adrienne and you are just having way too m uch fun!
    I love your beaded necklace... can't wait till you finish it off when you get home! xo

  5. This is so cool. Love the combined effect. Paper and fiber can transform in ways I'd never know...and would love to learn. How fun!

  6. You little tinker! These are simply beautiful. Gorgeous! I want to do something similar for fabric papers for my new toy :)

  7. I still think mine will probably become a clutch purse.
    Still need to get to work on it though. LOL

    One small strip will go into my shrine- but the main body of the piece is now cut for a purse.

    I have some old drapery fabric pieces I want to tr this technique with...

  8. Fabulous, love the colours, and textural look of it.




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