Thursday, 8 October 2009

Beads on Metal bracelet

I took a class with Beverly Gilbert yesterday. If you ever get the chance to do this - grab it with both hands! Beverly is a fantastic teacher, has a wonderful eye for colour, and makes gorgeous samples. We were very lucky to take the class at Beverly's home, and were also provided with a wonderful lunch, plus teas, coffees, seriously good chocolate, salted almonds and olives a part of the day.

I decided to make a bracelet. This meant cutting ten pieces of copper, filing the edges of each, hammering the edges of each, and hammering five of them to give surface texture. Below you can see one of Beverly's finished bracelets, with the beginnings of my bracelet.

The next step was to create 'anchors' for the beadwork, by punching holes in the smaller 'front' metal pieces, and threading wire through the holes. I stamped words onto the back pieces, using metal punches.

Finally, I created some rivets from copper wire, and joined the pieces together, then 'antiqued' them by bathing them in liver of sulphur. Once the metal was dry, I beaded on top, you can see several stages below.

Once all the beading was done, I joined the links together with hand made jump rings, and made a clasp and link.

A closer view on my wrist:

And then I turned the bracelet over. Spot the deliberate mistake!!!

I will be taking the links apart and turning some around sometime soon!


  1. Gorgeous. At least the deliberate mistake can be rectified. This is just the kind of thing I would love to do.

  2. What fun!!!!! I am very jealous of all of you having so much fun!!!

  3. Fantastic piece! What a beautiful way to use copper and beads!!

  4. Your bracelet is yummy! I've got to try this ~ thanks so much for sharing. May I ask what thickness copper you used?

  5. Oh, I just *love* Beverly! I've been following her blog for quite a while - she's amazing with color! Sounds like you had a great time, great snacks & finished off with a great bracelet. I'm sooo jealous! :)

  6. Really stunning Adrienne! I'd love to create something as beautiful as that! =)

  7. Fabulous, great colours, and I am even more jealous now. Would Beverley like a holiday in Wales, I've plenty of room.

  8. Adrienne,
    So glad you had fun - it was wonderful seeing you again and being creative! Love how your pieces turned out!!

    And yes to the above, WendyK, would love to come to Wales!!!

  9. Very nice Adrienne
    love the bracelet...what a great experience having lessons with such a wonderful teacher...wish Beverley lived in Oz *sigh*
    Annette In Oz




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