Sunday, 30 November 2008

Paper quilt

I have been working on an idea for a birthday gift for my friend Maggi. It has been slooshing around in my brain for a couple of weeks, but it didn't start coming together into a piece of art until yesterday. Sadly, I am now very late for Maggi's birthday, but as she likes to extend her birthday, I hope she won't mind too much!!!

I began by using colourwash sprays on several sheets of Fabriano cold press watercolour paper. I love how this paper absorbs the colours and seems to glow, it may be more expensive than others but I think it's worth the extra cost. One of the sheets came out a lovely pale coppery colour, with steely blue and slightly gold areas. I used this as the base for the piece, which is around A4 sized.

For the top and bottom embellishments, I punched small flower shapes out of a deep red and gold background paper, then cut some coppery bronze organza and layered it over both punched pieces and used brads to hold the fabric and paper in place. I gave the black brads a little touch of copper Treasure Gold to tone them down before I used them.

The circles down the side are the same deep red paper, run through a different cuttlebug folder, and with 2 layers of flower shapes punched from deep black/gold cardstock added using brads.

The horizontal piece under the circles is the same deep red background paper with little metal beads and sequins added. I coloured the metal beads with 'rust' alcohol ink and Treasure Gold in copper and indigo, then attached them to the paper with fine copper wire.

The small squares with hearts are the same paper, overstamped with gold ink in a tile pattern. The hearts are shell buttons and I attached them to the paper with fine copper wire, adding a small bugle bead to cover the holes. I added a couple of the paper flowers I had punched out of the top border to fill the gaps between the squares.

The large heart is made from Hearty air dry clay, painted with black gesso, then rubbed with indigo, ruby and copper Treasure Gold. It is mounted on a torn piece of darker steely blue & tungsten watercolour paper, which I ran through the Wizard in a cuttlebug folder with a diamond pattern. I stamped small text on the paper before adding the heart.

The piece above the heart is the last of the deep red background paper. I sprayed some white tags with colourwash sprays, then ran them through the Wizard in a brocade patterned cuttlebug folder. I added Treasure Gold in copper, gold and sapphire to add colour and give them depth, then added a small charm to each using fine cotton thread. For sequins glued to the corners added the final touch.

The final and largest element of the piece was made by stamping charcoal coloured Xpandaprint onto an interesting paper bag, then heating with a heat gun to make the Xpandaprint bubble up. I rubbed this carefully with gold and copper Treasure Gold, and mounted it onto some more of the steely blue watercolour paper, which I also stamped with text.

I am really pleased with this piece, I am tempted to frame it and keep it myself, I hope Maggi likes it!!!


  1. Simply gorgeous. Lucky Maggi :)


  2. This is truly a work of art Adrienne!!! It is absolutely gorgeous and there is no doubt in my mind that Maggi will LOVE it!! I am so lucky as I'll be able to see and touch it in person.

  3. Such a fantastic creation Adrienne and truly a 'gift' for Maggi when I know it must be hard to part with! Your descriptions had me popping back again and again for your closeup view. This is just amazing! I think you could do demos for the Wizard, not even sure what it is, but I feel like I "need" one LOL! TFS!

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous Adrienne. Your paper quilting skills are enviable. I love the composition of this one and the huge variety of techniques and materials give it such depth. I'm glad I got to admire it!


  5. WOW, you've outdone yourself this time. It's a beautiful piece of 'ART' and I can understand how hard it must be to part with it. I too would read a section of the instructions and go back for another look at your art. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. The time and effort involved makes it obvious to me what a caring and considerate friend you are. Congratulations. Maggi is a very lucky individual to receive such a treasure from a 'treasured friend' Hugz......

  6. Hi Adrienne! Just discovered your blog! Have to say I just love your paper quilt it is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing your process, I'm yet to try a quilt in paper....
    Carole ;)




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