Sunday, 23 November 2008

Burgundy & lime skinny page

What a colour combination - it's WAY out of my comfort zone!!!! I apologise for the scan quality - my scanner hates anything with dimension.

For this side of the page, I adhered green tissue over green cardstock, then stamped some text using deep red ink. I added a piece of burgundy coloured ribbon, which was sheer with flocking - I thought it added interest and texture. I took some hot press heavy watercolour paper, and spritzed it with several red colourwashes, then gave it a coat of Tulip non permanent glitter, then a final spray of Adirondack raisin colourwash.

I dried the cardstock, cut it into pieces, and ran it through the Wizard in a Cuttlebug folder. For the light green embellishment, I spritzed some Stampbord with water, then zapped it with a Milwaukee style heat gun, and the combination of heat and water created little bumps. I painted it with acrylic ink, then stamped it using Crimson Copper
Brilliance ink, and embossed it with clear embossing powder.

For this side of the page, I adhered coloured deli paper. I had sprayed this green using Lime Jello colourwash spray from Aileen. I stamped over the top of the green paper using chalk ink and a texture stamp from Hearts in Touch.

I made some gauze 'paper', something Jessie told me about:

Take a melamine tray, and lay a sheet of silicone baking paper on it. Lay a sheet of cling film/saran wrap on top, then a sheet of gauze (or scrim) on top of that. Spritz the gauze lightly with Johnson's Klear/Future floor polish - just enough to dampen it, not enough to make it soggy. Move the gauze around on the cling film with your fingers until you have an interesting collection of ripples and rucks in the fabric. Next, spray with colourwashes (usually more than one colour, and they blend into one another beautifully, but for this project it had to be burgundy so I used Ranger Adirondack raisin).

Finally, lay another sheet of silicone baking paper over the top, lift the 'sandwich' off the tray, and lay it on a heatproof surface and iron the whole thing using a hot dry iron. The liquid polish and colour will sizzle and hiss, but the piece will dry, and the heat will also fuse the gauze to the cling film/saran wrap, leaving you with a 'paper' which can be adhered to your artwork using double sided tape or gel medium. It can also be die-cut or punched.

I added some gauze to the left hand side of the page, and die cut some flower shapes form the offcuts of the watercolour paper I used earlier. I die cut some circles form the lime green background offcuts, and stamped a little girl's face on them. I die cut some smaller flowers from the gauze, and added the embellishments to the page using gel medium.


  1. Well, I sure wouldn't have picked this combination either but it looks great! I guess, in the end, they are complementary, but I'm sure you had to find just the right hues to make it this appealing. I like how the color of the sheer ribbon changes the background beneath. Thanks too for the explanation of the gauze 'paper'.

  2. It may be a strange color combination, and it would have been way out of my comfort zone also, but it is beautiful Adrienne.




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