Monday, 11 August 2008

Iridescent gift wrap background

I have been in a fantastic 'angelic' skinny page swap which involved quite a few Australians. Some of them had used fantasy film in an interesting way on their pages. They had stamped and embossed an image onto their backgrounds, coated the page with gel medium, added fantasy film and heated. The embossed pattern shows through the fantasy film - a really neat effect. I tried it with a couple of chunky pages I am making and it was a complete disaster - the fantasy film shrank and distorted the pages beyond any possible flattening out. I wondered if I had done it wrong, or should try again using much thicker cardstock.

While I was thinking about this, I remembered some other 'stuff' - a year or two ago, Zeborah (see blog links) was playing with some iridescent gift wrap, trying to make 'faux dichroic glass'. I couldn't get any of the giftwrap here in the UK, and 'Legs' ( very kindly sent me some. I have since discovered fantasy film, which is thicker, has better colour, and stands up to heat better. However, for this technique, I think the thinner iridescent gift wrap has the edge.

I painted some cardstock with Stewart Gill Byzantia Aegean paint, then embossed it with a Stampcamp stamp which looks like the veining in rock, and a deep green iridescent embossing powder. I coated this with some gel medium, laid the gift wrap on top, and zapped with my heat gun. This is how it looks:

I then used the background to make some ATCs - for this one, I stamped onto heatproof acetate, and embossed the image in white. It is adhered to the ATC with Glossy Accents.

For this one, I stamped and embossed the image on acetate, then added some embossing to the background so that it is hard to tell where the acetate begins and ends.

For the final ATC, I dumped a small pile of 'Macquirie' Opals embossing powder onto a craft sheet, heated until melted, then stamped into it using this stamp from Cre8it. Once it was cold, just peeled it off the craft sheet and stuck it onto the ATC.


  1. Well, I obviously need to dig out that gift wrap! How very very cool.

    I need to get more of that for some big fairy wings I have planned anyway. :)

  2. Fantastic results! Beautiful!

  3. Ooh, excellent ATCs, Adrienne! Can't wait to see them in the flesh! ;o)


  4. Looks wonderful Adrienne. Interesting about the gift wrap, will have to look through my stash and see if I have anything that looks like it might work. It seems that everyone has different results with the Fantasy Film, I played with it at Jessie's place while Linda was givingus a demo, and was able to get it to go into holes, but at home with exactly the same products, no matter how long I heated it, I couldn't get it to go holey.



  5. Adrienne, I can't wait to try the Fantasy Film with the gel medium. It looks so yummy with interesting texture. Also liked your dress. You must have the patience of a saint to sew on all those seed beads! Hope the wedding was as gorgeous as your dress!


  6. Well these ATCs are absolutely stunning Adrienne. I love the textured look and would love to touch them!!

  7. Hi Adrienne!
    Your gift wrap projects are WONDERFUL!!! I simply LOVE them!!!!!

  8. Thankx for the groovy comments and I would love to go to see you, especially since my father discovered that (much to his frustration) that our family is indeed Welsh and not Irish! Plus I am a major tudor geek and would DIE to go to England as a little side tour. Honestly though, I know JACK about Photoshop, I just play until something turns out looking groovy! But your work is just stunning, I think I should take lessons from you! :)




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