Saturday, 9 August 2008

Had to have it swap

For this swap, you had to use something that you 'had to have' at the time you purchased it, but haven't actually got around to using! There were so many things in my stash to choose from...

In the end, I chose 3 things - some charms which I love but couldn't bring myself to use; a pasta machine which I had bought with the intention of conditioning polymer clay; and polymer clay, which I bought ages ago but haven't had the confidence to play with.

I covered some mountboard (about 2.5 inches by 4 inches) with brown paper, and gave it several coats of purple Stewart Gill True Colour paint (I still seem to be on the 'purple' trip!).

I stamped it with a texture stamp in Brilliance Galaxy Gold, and didn't like it, so gave it another coat of purple!!! It does have slightly more depth as a result.

I used black Fimo polymer clay for the embellishment in the centre - Fimo is most commonly available brand of clay in the UK. I conditioned it in a pasta machine, then stamped into it with a flourish stamp. I trimmed it into a tile shape, and brushed it with purple and gold PearlEx before cooking it in my Melt Pot (which I hardly ever use).

I attached a little hanging bracket to the back, and adhered the polymer clay tile and charms to the front, using Golden extra heavy gel medium. I hope my partner like it, because I will have a little trouble letting it go!


  1. Wonderful. You are so creative with all you do. Love the purple phase!!!

  2. Wow - love this piece. The colors, the layout, the charms- and the polyclay piece is GORGEOUS.
    Hope you continue playing with the Fimo. You seem to have a real knack with it.

  3. just as well you Had to Have those things. Your card is beautiful Adrienne. I love the purple and gold in both the skinny book and this piece. How did you cook the clay in your melt pot?

  4. Hello Adrienne,

    glad that I'm not the only one that's still stuck in purple...:)

    I love the imprint of your stamp in the polymer clay ! I turned out great and the combination of the imprint , the gold the purple looks very good.

    I like to use polymerclay too : first I used it to make hairclips, but after I discovered a book about making handmade books, I'm hooked on making /sewing my little books also with polymerclay as the cover.

    I often use the modern options paint : the copper or the rusted paint. They make the imprints come out very nice too.

    I'm making a halloweenbook for someone and now I'm using black and white paint on the polymercovers.

    You can use almost all your stamps for making imprints in the clay and they give a very nice result .

    Don't be afraid of your pastamachine : use it !!

    Inge from Belgium

    PS : if you want to see some of my books made with polymerclay, just hop over to
    You're welcome !

  5. Oh Adrienne - it is beautiful, I don't think I would want to part with it! hugs Trizzy

  6. Gorgeous! I don't know why you shouldn't have the confidence Adrienne - this is beautiful!

  7. Greetings from NZ

    Yes your partner will love love love it - definately!

  8. Love the background on the cards, I too have tried the fantasy film, not sure about it. Love the stamped clay




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