Saturday, 8 March 2008

Collage sheet freebie

Please feel free to download and print and use in your art.
You may need to adjust the size in print preview before printing!


  1. Thanks Adrienne!!! I've been coveting your photos from your travel site for some time, glad to have some to play with. It would be fantastic to have some larger ones to use in other projects like deco & chunky books, etc.
    Again, thank you for sharing these.

  2. I love the colors you chose- I think the ATC size is a good one- seems to be what I always resize to no matter what I'm using it for. Thanks for sharing- I'm downloading it next!

  3. Thanks for sharing Adrienne! I love these colours and will using the images on a row houses swap, methinks!!
    I agree with Carol, but then I tend to make a complete varied sheet of my own to print out - easy if you've Photoshop, but not everyone has... I do hope you make some more - teehee!!

  4. This is beautiful...thank you so much for sharing. It is appreciated.

  5. Thanks for sharing this sheet! I love the ATC size, but maybe you could also incorporate a few larger images on the same sheet. Love the colors you used.

  6. These are terrific and thanks so much for your generousity.




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