Saturday, 26 May 2007


I have been playing with Stampbord.
My friend Jessie sent me a sample a while ago,
and I made an ATC,

which you can see above on the left.

The Stampbord takes the ink beautifully,
and sort of glows with colour.
I coloured the ATC with fluid chalk inks,
and stamped the image with black Stazon ink.

When I went to Port Sunlight stamping show
a couple of weeks ago, one of the demonstrators
was using Stampbord in a very different way.

She was spraying water onto the Stampbord, then heating it
using a heat tool - and the Stampbord bubbled!
I loved the effect, and promptly bought a mixed pack.

I went to Pauline's house that evening,
and we tried to make the Stampbord bubble.

We tried with several pieces and they were all miserable
failures - we couldn't work out what we were doing differently.

I tried again today, and managed to make the Stampbord bubble!!!!

Pauline and I had been using a Ranger Heat It heat tool, and it
doesn't get hot enough to make the Stampbord bubble.
I love my Ranger heat tool,
and have actually bought 2 spare tools recently
as I have heard that the UK Health & Safety police have said
it can no longer be imported into the UK
because it looks too much like a hairdryer...

I usually use it in preference to the other one I have,
but I have finally found something it doesn't do!!!

If you want your Stampbord to bubble,
liberally spritz it with water and
zap it with the 'milwaukee' type heat tool,
and it will bubble in unpredictable ways.
Once it has bubbled, you can colour and decorate it -
the purple piece above right was done with
Sticky Fingers acrylic inks,
and stamped with black Stazon,
then scraped here and there.


  1. hey well done to you -did you emboss any bubbles like Paddy did?I wonder if my hubbies hot air gun might do the trick-he often borrows mine for stuff he wants to heat gently-now I can borrow his!!!

  2. Ooh! Great choice using the Cory stamp with this. The bubbles in the stamp board and the circle dots in the design are PERFECT together.

    Must get ahold of some of this stampboard stuff...



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