Monday, 15 April 2013

Altered wooden heart

For a recent swap, I was sent a wooden heart to alter. I painted it black, and stamped some texture pattern in gold Brilliance.  I then gave one side a quick coat of PVA glue, and laid some Fantasy Film onto it.  I heated it with a heat gun until the colours changed, and holes started to appear.

I did the same thing to the other side, making more holes, and then cut strips of Fantasy Film for the sides.

Once the heart was all shiny and bright, I decided it was too bright, and added impasto paste to dull it down.  I stamped into the paste, and also applied some through stencil waste.  Once dry, I rubbed Treasure Gold all over the impasto.  Finally, I put black polymer clay into a face mould, then brushed it with PearlEx powder, and cooked it in my melt pot for about 25 minutes. I stuck it on with heavy gel medium.

I rather like my heart, I hope my swap partner does too!

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