Sunday, 20 June 2010

Needle felting

A couple of weeks ago, two friends of mine pointed me in the direction of a brand new Merrylock Embellishing machine on EBay. I was very fortunate to win the machine for £62.99 and I collected it 10 days ago. I didn't find the time to start playing with it until Thursday, and I finished my first project today.

I have seen a number of felted projects which have been beautifully done, but using gross (in my opinion!) colours. I thought I'd make something subtle. I took a base of acrylic felt, and felted some grey-black wool to it. Once I'd covered the felt and made a nice base, I took some more yarn and wound it into spirals, and felted those to the base. I added some simple fly stitching in a shiny crimped yearn, and some french knots in a hand dyed grey & pink perle cotton, and I *think* it's finished.

I'm not sure though - part to me feels there should be a focal point, but I'm not sure what it could be, or where to put it. I'll look at it over the next few days and see if anything suggests itself...


  1. Beautiful, love the subtle palette

  2. Love this Adrienne. The subtle colours and the addition of the handstitching make for a beautiful piece.

  3. This is lovely and so tempting BUT I just can't 'start' anything else! I keep looking at needle felting and wondering... went to Artvango today - gorgeous art/mixed media shop and very nearly bought some merino wool tops (I think that's what they're called anyway.

  4. oh.... do i need one of those machines??



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