Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Altered Element DT pack

This month's Altered Element DT pack is all about surfaces. It contained sheets of metal, tyvek and translucent shrink plastic, mini canvas boards, chipboard, stampboard, fusible film, glass squares, some tea dyed fabric, some grungeboard and some polymer stamps form Artemio.

Gazing into my crystal ball, I foresee many projects....

I started with a mini canvas which incorporated fusible film and shrink plastic.

Fusible film always looks much better on a dark surface, so I coloured the canvas with the Crafty Notions opaque black colour spray.

I coated the canvas with PVA glue ot hold the film in place, then covered the canvas with a sheet of silicone paper, and ironed the film onto the canvas - my iron gets used more often in art projects these days than it does for smoothing out creases in my clothes!

The more heat you apply, the more colour change you get in the fusible film, but you do have to be careful not to heat it too much or it disappears in patches - if this happens to you, just lay another piece of film over the top and iron more carefully, it will fuse to the layer you've already added without any need for glue. This is how the canvas surface covered with fusible film looks.

Next, I considered embellishments. I punched 5 'inchies' of translucent shrink plastic, and daubed Stewart Gill Byzantia paint thickly on top - using two colours.

When heated, the plastic shrinks as the paint dries, and the surface of the paint forms lovely little shimmery ruffles...

I used some angelina fibres, ironed between two pieces of silicone paper, to make a small sheet of texture, and ironed that onto the left hand side of the canvas. I glued the small shrink plastic and paint squares onto the angelina, then added a transparency and a german scrap 'frame', and here is the finished canvas:

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  1. wow very cool project and such fantastic items from you DT pack to play with

  2. Love the rich colors and fabulous textures. What fun you are having.

  3. Ooooh, Adrienne that looks fab! I've never used fusible film before, will have to have a go at that.

  4. Very beautiful and very clever. I cannot get on with fusible film, I always get an overcooked mess. Patience and practice required evidently. I am always amazed by how many different things you know how to do.

  5. Ooohh how beautiful is this. What a gorgeous shade of blue and I love the transparency framed with German scrap. Fantastic project.

  6. I love that fusible film the effect is just amazing,lovely work !

  7. Looks fabulous Adrienne, gorgeous rich colours.

  8. wow! what a fab way to use the film, I struggled with that this month. I must have a go at this!

  9. Fabulous Adrienne - I found some embellishments I had made ages ago and could not remember how - same as your your painted sp inchie squares, so double thank you xx

  10. I have never used this stuff before I purchased it a long time ago with the idea of creating but didn't do it because I didn't know how. Thank you so much for showing me how to get started. I will have to did it out now with confidence that all is ok. Thanks for showing me the way. I also love your piece of art, brilliant work.

  11. This is yummy gorgeous!!! I've got fantasy film and angelina fibre and haven't used them much yet. Great way to adhere it to a substrate. Must try this...



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