Monday, 10 May 2010

Altered Element Design Team project

The Altered Element design team pack this month included a gorgeous deep turquoise colour spray by Crafty Notions. I used it to spray a box, and also some of the square beads form the Upcycle pack - I spray everything in a paper lined plastic box, and use the oversprayed paper for other projects - don't want to waste all that lovely colour!

I trimmed the unmounted Karantha stamp form the DT pack, and used one end of it to stamp onto a piece of copper shim from last month's pack.

I then used Ten Studios tools to go over the design on both sides, 'puffing' the design out. I haven't played with this before, and I am sure I'd get much better with practice - it would also help it if I had a paper stump to work with instead of using the same tool for two purposes. Once I was happy with the design, I filled the back with moulding paste and glued it into the top of the box.

You can see the 'feet' made from square beads and also the little painted beads from the broken necklace in the upcycle pack. It was at this point that I remembered that I should have 'antiqued' the copper panel before gluing it to the box.

So, I did the next bit VERY carefully. I added deep turquoise acrylic paint with a paintbrush, then wiped it off. I did the same again, and left it to dry. This takes some of the high shine off the copper and gives a 'verdigris' style finish. All I need to do now is fill the box with some goodies and it will make a nice little gift for a friend's birthday.

I hope she likes it.


  1. WOW, Adrienne, the turquoise and copper really compliment each other. It's a beautiful piece.


  2. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Love the box and the pendants - and aren't you quick with your thinking cap making all these lovely things in one weekend.
    Happy birthday too.

  4. You did a wonderful job! You can get paper stumps at anyplace that sell drawing supplies super cheap. Hope that helps.

  5. Yes, I do like it, thank you very much. My favourite colours as you know.



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