Saturday, 15 May 2010

Altered Element design project - polymer clay and circle frame

There was some Sculpey Studio polymer clay in this month's Altered Element Design team package. I haven't used this clay before, and I must say it is very user friendly. To condition polymer clay, so that it is nice and soft so it's easy to use, you need to know whether the brand of clay conditions through pressure or warmth. I ran this through the Wizard and it didn't make much difference, but putting the package into my bra for a few minutes (nice and warm n there!) helped considerably! Once warm, I kneaded the clay for a few moments before pushing it into a Krafty Lady silicone mould. Which is when I discovered the only pitfall with this clay - it's so soft that it is difficult to unmould. Every time I tried the frame distorted as it came out of the mould.

I know could have baked it in the mould, but I wanted to make several frames, and bake them all together. So, I put the mould and clay into the freezer for 5 minutes. That worked perfectly, the clay frame popped out of the mould without any distortion whatsoever. I baked the frame, and found that this clay has a pretty matte finish, but with slight sparkle.

However, the frame looked a little dull, so I gave it a quick application of 'whitefire' Treasure Gold. It looks lovely now, all I need to do is find a tiny image to put in the middle!

In the April design team pack there was some knitted wire tubing, which I couldn't find a use for. I had a little play with it, and found it stretches and shapes in interesting ways. I cut an inch of the tubing, and stretched it into a circle, which you can see in the picture below, along with the knitted wire in it's original state.

I painted the circle frame (from the design team pack) with white gesso, then stamped and embossed the raised 'frame' area with copper embossing powder.

I inserted the stretched and shaped knitted wire into the frame.

Finally, I added a moulded piece from my stash - it was just the right size and colour!

The other side of the circle frame needed to be different. I painted it with the deep turquoise Crafty Notions Spraypaque.

I stamped a texture stamp onto the raised frame, and embossed with gold. I made a dragonfly moulded disc using the Sculpey Studio antique gold polymer clay and a mould I bought in the US last year (Enchanted Gallery?) and painted the dragonfly body with acrylic paint. I gave the wings a quick coat of iridescent medium, then glued the piece into the frame and gave the disc and inner part of the frame a coat of acrylic wax to protect it.

Well, that's all the items in this month's Altered Element design team pack used in a range of small projects. Roll on next month, I'm looking forward to it already!


  1. Adrienne, you are soooooooo clever with all those fantastic ideas. Altered Elements is so lucky to have you on their design team. What is whitefire Treasure Gold? Is it something you rub onto your work?

    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Lorraine in TN

  2. Adrienne - I always love stopping by your blog. You always have such interesting things to show. I particularly love the frame. I'll have to buy a few things to try that out, but when has that ever been a problem??

    Julie Bowman

  3. Loving the frame - might need to expand my mould collection. And the pendant looks beautiful.

  4. That frame is gorgeous. Never tried this product but you make it look very interesting. Great results. (pendant is beautiful). Lynne M

  5. great tip about popping it in the freezer, will be doing that next time, thanks!! The project is gorgeous

    I love what you have done with the wire tubing - well actually I love everything!



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