Saturday, 26 December 2009

Copper & agate brooch

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I had some 16 gauge copper wire to play with, and decided to make a brooch as a Christmas gift. I had an agate heart which had a pre-drilled hole of about the right size, so threaded that onto the wire. I used round nosed pliers to bend the wire into the shapes I wanted, then used a chasing hammer to flatten all the bends, which stiffens the piece so that it holds its shape.

I hammered and flattened the end into a point, and used much finer wire to wrap around the bottom of the brooch to hold the last curve of the wire in place. Thankfully the recipient likes it!


  1. This is lovely. Thanks for sharing the directions as well. QP

  2. Sweet. I haven't made pins yet but love them. Love copper and this is just cute. Cheers. Lois




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