Sunday, 17 May 2009

Meander book pages

I'm involved in a round robin meander book swap. We have chosen to use pelmet vilene or canvas as the base of our 3.5 inch pages, which are mixed media. Each player has coloured their pages, and set a theme, and sent two pages out to each player. When we get our pages we are to decorate both, keep one and return one, so we will each end up with two meander books - one of our own pages for everybody else's books, plus one of everybody else's pages for our own book. Make sense? See Cloth paper scissors issue 5 Winter 2005 for mixed media meander book example and instructions.

Eva chose her theme to be 'rainbow' and has sent a different colour to each player. I got red. Eva wanted texture, but no words. I painted a paper doily, and stuck some of that on the page, then added some Stewart Gill gilding flakes (very shiny!) and made two textured hearts from Friendly Plastic (ironed between silicone baking paper till thin, then stamped into, and finally re-heated and cut using a small cookie cutter). I covered the wholepiece with red organza, and used french knots and fly stitch to 'trap' the hearts and hold the layers together. It's been a while since I embroidered!

Annie send some very subtly coloured pages, and set her theme as 'birds'. I printed a bird I created earlier in the year, and ran the print (coated with gel medium) through the Wizard to create an image transfer.

I used gold machine embroidery thread to sew an eye, the beak, and an outline - all by hand.

I added some green and purple organza 'feathers' to the tail.

I added 'feathers' to the wing, fly stitch to give the body texture, a few french knots for interest, and blanket stitch all round to finish the edge off. It took me AGES. I managed to tangle all the threads. I now remember why my interest in embroidery didn't last too long last time I dabbled!!

I hope Annie likes it.


  1. Very pretty - love your textures on both pieces!

  2. I think they are both great. Well worth all that sewing.

  3. Great pages. Love them both.

  4. You have the most inspiring things on your blog! Love your work!

  5. Love the bluish hearts Adrienne
    I really have to pull out my needle felting tools and try them.I used to embroider too way back when...not sure if I still know how to do it LOL
    Annette In Oz




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