Monday, 4 May 2009

Friendly Plastic course - September 2009

Friendly Plastic is fabulous stuff to use in your art. It is pretty inexpensive, very lightweight, very strong and quite flexible - and it always survives the rigours of postal system!

It can appear very very bright, brash and shimmery, but can easily be toned down if that's not the effect you're after. It can look rather like dichroic glass when made into jewellery pieces.

If you've never seen it, this is what it looks like

It can be used with moulds, stamped into, 'ooozed' through punchinella or metal grids, cut with cutters, run through a die cutting machine to make shapes, and there are more advanced techniques that I ahven't tried yet. You can use it to make jewellery, card embellishments, and with textiles and to make large sculptural pieces if you're more ambitious.

Here are my blog posts about what I have done with this stuff:

and here is what Liz Welch, a great tutor and Friendly Plastic expert who invented the 'ooze' and 'lace' techniques, and who has made several instructional DVDs, can do with it:

Now, Liz and I are colluding to offer a Friendly Plastic course in the beautiful setting of Tintern Abbey, in the Wye valley:

Tinterm Abbey inspired Wordsworth to write poetry about it, and Turner to paint it. The patterns found in the Abbey stonework will be the inspiration for the jewellry that people will make on the course. The course runs for 2 days, but Liz had kindly made each day a stand alone day, so if you came for two days, you would learn different things each day.

For more information about the course, see Liz's web page:

And I hope to meet some of you there - I'm going for both days!


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