Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Friendly plastic art

I am taking part in a swap where I had to make something incorporating Friendly Plastic, and this is what my partner will be getting:

I used a Krafty Lady mould and lots of small pieces of Friendly Plastic left over from other projects. I put them all in the mould, heated with a heat gun, dipped my fingers in cold water and pushed the plastic into all the nooks and crannies in the mould. I didn't fill the mould - the piece is about 1/8th of an inch thick all over. Once it had cooled, I pushed it out of the mould and gave it a thorough rubbing with Treasure Gold, then set about making the background to set it off.

I took a 5 inch by 7 inch canvas, and covered it with scraps of paper form an old Welsh language book. I gave this a thin coat of Titan Buff fluid acrylic, then several very thin coats each of 3 or 4 colours of fluid acrylic - paynes grey, transparent orange and yellow and a crimson.

I took a fleur-de-lys stencil and a gold oil pastel crayon, and stencilled half motifs down each side before giving the canvas a final coat of the crimson paint. The canvas probably has about 20 coats of paint on it, and this gives a lovely rich polished sheen. I stuck the Friendly Plastic body on using extra heavy gel medium.


  1. This is just gorgeous! I've been so disappointed with my results using the Friendly Plastic and here you've created real ART! Congratulations!

  2. The colours on this canvas are so rich and lush. I love the tone and the friendly plastic is amazing too. Grrreat work Ms Boots!

  3. This is gorgeous Adrienne!!!

  4. The molded piece turned out awesome.

    I REALLY love the richness of the background color!! WoW!

  5. It is beautiful, though I do not know what friendly plastic is? I have always loved your work.

  6. I LOVE this one! Very cool idea!




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