Friday, 10 April 2009

Fantasy canvas

Jean's theme for this Girl of the Month gift was 'fantasy'. I did think about making something using fantasy film, but decided to paint a canvas instead! This was one big learning curve of experimentation for me - and the reason it fits the fantasy theme is that I have fantasized about painting a textured rich canvas that I like!

The canvas is about 7 inches by 9.5 inches. I layered torn book pages onto the canvas, then a wash of watered down gesso, and a quick coat of Opals Dust (this gives deep down sparkle at some angles). I then added many coats of fluid acrylics and gel mediums.

I added texture to the background by stamping a texture stamp into one layer of half dry gel medium, and then added the focal points by stamping into gel medium and highlighting it with Treasure Gold (yes, I think I do use this stuff on everything I make!). The colour reminds me of the deep ocean, and the canvas has a deep rich polish. I'm really pleased with this and may make something like it for my own wall!!!


  1. What a fabulous canvas Adrienne, it does indeed remind me of the sea too, this is so cool - Sure that Jean will find a spot on her wall for it... I would. xxxx
    It's nice to indulge your fantasies and even better when they live up to expectations x

  2. It's beautiful Adrienne and I think you should definitely do some art for your own walls. I find it really satisfying to know that I've contributed to the artwork around my home, it may not be great but it's mine! Yours, I know, WILL be great.

  3. Beautiful work. Simple design but SO effective.

  4. I absolutely love this! Gorgeous colors and design. Would love it on my wall too!

  5. I visited your blog. I like very much your works and your artwork please me a lot. Felicitations and good continuation. I shall return.




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