Saturday, 27 December 2008

IT girl for Jessie

One of the yahoo groups I am in is running an 'IT' girl swap. Each month everybody makes a gift for the member who is the 'IT' girl for that month, and who sets the theme. Jessie's theme is 'TIME', so what could be more appropriate than a clock?

I took inspiration from Diana Twedt, whose work I love. She often creates frames using foam board and scraps of paper.

The clock is made from foam board, covered in brown paper, then scraps of textured papers. I painted it with black gesso, then gave it two coats of Golden's iridescent copper paint, before rubbing it with several colours of Treasure Gold, and giving it a good polish with a dried out baby wipe to shine it up.

I then added the clock fixings, and some small black gems to act as 'numerals'.

The picture below shows the detail a little better:

I hope Jessie likes it.


  1. Love what you do with paper!!! So gorgeous.

  2. I really like the texture that you've achieved. Your work really helps me think about broadening horizons. I particularly like the black gems as the numbers, letting the texture and coppery and gold rich colors be the focus of your piece.




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