Sunday, 20 January 2008

Yes, I'm like a child with a new toy!!!

I'm not sure I really know what I am doing,
but it is getting easier with each collage.
It is such fun to put together elements of the
photographs I have been taking over the last
few months - my subconscious must have known
I would need the images sooner or later!

Most of the images in the collage
above are of Cardiff, just the milestone
and the lady were imported from elsewhere!

This one is more ghostly, and the images more
varied in terms of their original locations.

I am learning about layer opacity, colour changes,
and changing the size and position of images.


  1. OMG! I LOVE YOUR NEW TOY!!! I love the first one with the lady in it . . . I AM IN LUST!!!

  2. Woohoo, great collages, looks like you are having fun.

  3. Go, Adrienne! These are lovely, and I can tell what fun you're having (best of all). Is there a good PS tutorial you'd recommend? It's on my "list."

  4. Adrienne, these are fabulous. I got elements for Christmas but have not even tried it yet. You are so inspiring.



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