Monday, 6 August 2007

ArTiTextural Home Fat Book

I have been quiet for a couple of weeks because
I have been working on 55 fat book pages.

Each picture shows the backs of the pages on the left,
and the fronts on the right

I had to incorporate fabric onto the pages,
and originally made 55 glittery squares,
but couldn't come up with a design which used them in a way I liked,
so decided to use gauze down the side of the page instead.

This is the first fat (or chunky) book I have ever
worked on where the pages didn't need to be as near
identical as handmade pages can be.

It is also the first fat book I have ever worked on where
I will get to meet many of the contributors,
as this fat book is being made for the Portland Art & Soul retreat.

I think it will be a fantastic book,
and with 48 artists contributing,
it will certainly be fat!

I wasn't quite brave enough to make them all different,
but I did vary the design here and there and did five different colourways.

I found it interesting to see how the same design
can look quite different according to the colours used.
When I began working on these pages,
I liked the 'gold' version least, but having finished,
I think I like that page most of all!

Finally, the house which inspired the pages, built in 1873,
probably for the housekeeper and handyman/chauffeur
of the governor of the local jail,
who lived in a much grander house next door!


  1. No wonder you have been quiet!
    This is great Adrienne.

  2. Hi Adrienne!

    These are wonderful. I can imagine what a great book this will be.


  3. Wonderful Adrienne! And what a treat to get to exchange pages in person. I know everyone will be delighted with your work, I am just looking at it!





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