Sunday, 31 March 2013

Fantasy Film canvas

 So, a Fantasy Film themed swap.  I've used Fantasy Film many times, right? So why did I prevaricate for a month?  Who knows, but today the inspiration finally arrived - in the nick of time, it's the deadline for posting.

I painted a thin canvas with a mixture of micaceous iron oxide and purple fluid acrylic paint.  I coated it with PVA glue, and stuck two pieces of Fantasy Film down. Then I hit it with the heat gun, until it bubbled and changed colours, and started to become holey. It's hard to photograph, but the 3 images below give you some idea.

This is taken at an angle where no reflected light is visible.

This is taken at an angle where all you can see is reflected light.

I used impasto paste and a stencil to add texture down the left hand side.

I made a keyhole using air dry clay, painted with black gesso, coated with interference violet fluid acrylic. I rubbed copper Treasure Gold over the impasto and the keyhole.

I made a key from friendly plastic, painted to match the keyhole. I added a sticker ribbon, then used Brilliance inks to colour some paper, and stamped the words onto it with black Stazon. Hope my partner likes it!


  1. Your partner will love it. Great step by step photos and instructions. Thanks for sharing.

  2. She will - I can guarantee it :-))

  3. Love the texture stenciled over the FF. :)




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