Monday, 9 November 2009

More beading

If you are in a Christmas present swap with me, and like surprises, you may not want to read this blog post..... don't panic, the pictures are a long way down...

I have been cutting & beating metal, which I find particularly satisfying for some reason....

Here's a photo of me (very rare!) bashing some metal:

And once the metal is cut, filed, beaten, punched and riveted, it needs embellishing...

In this post there are some pictures of the Beads on Metal pieces I have made recently. Each uses a different Beverly Gilbert bead soup mix . Beverly taught me how to make these Beads on Metal pieces, and I love the technique, but also know that Beverly's bead soups are really so luscious that the they make these pieces extra special. Beverly also has a new book out, 'Beaded Colorways', published by North Light Books, and I am tapping my fingers and toes waiting for my copy to arrive, as she tells me she has shared all her secrets inside!!!

Anyway, back to the artwork - and I have been testing my new camera taking these pictures, which are nowhere near perfect - I'm getting about a 50% success rate on the close up shots (old camera was about 30% success) but really need to keep a photo notebook so that I can remember which settings I took particular shots in, and in what order! It's hard photographing all those shiny bead and metal surfaces, particularly if the camera wants to focus on a different part of the image than I do....

In this pic, the camera really liked the bottom right hand corner - I knew it wanted to focus there but didn't know how to change it's mind LOL. I wanted it to focus on that big bead, which is where I was aiming at through the viewfinder...

In this pic, it focused where I wanted it to, but not quite as well as I wanted it to, and there really aren't and pink beads in the piece - they are a lovely purply wine colour...

This is better, but could be sharper...

I didn't light this one well enough - think daylight works better!

This is probably the nicest piece, I should have taken the picture from a different angle to show off the big beads!

I tried a minimalist style here, as far as the beads are concerned, and a wriggly hammered wire piece rather than a hole and jump ring, and I quite like it!

Still quite minimalist, but with a few more beads.

This one looks stunning in real life, I haven't caught the colours at all well.

I am making 15 pendants in total, so will post pics of the others when I have finished.


  1. Your new creations are wonderful Adrienne, love them all !
    Lucky girl you are to learn with Beverly. I love to take a look at her website and admire all these lovely colors.
    How much i'd like to have a workshop with her, even if sewing beads is not what i prefer, but after looking at her beauties, and yours now, i really need to understand the way to mix beads with metal.


  2. ooo... these are beautiful. I love the contrast of the beads against the hammered metal. I wish I was in the swap!

    For photo focus, I've found that if I move the camera around until the item I want to focus on is what the camera is focusing on, then lock that focus by holding the picture button down halfway, I can then shift my camera to frame the item the way I want & get a better shot. The trick is keep the camera the same distance from the item the whole time.

  3. I'm likin' the squiggly bits very much. :)

    I, too, find the pounding of metal to be quite soothing.

  4. Adrienne...I see you are on a beads on metal roll! Way to create! Beverly's use of color is lush...oh, have you seen or heard about her new mixes of fiber bouquets? She's created them to match her bead soup collection and are quite yummy.

  5. These are all fabulous Adrienne, just love all those beads

  6. Gorgeous Adrienne
    thay all look wonderful.I love the squiggly metal too!
    Annette In Oz

  7. You prolific gal you! These are all beautiful pieces! And if you ever figure out how to photograph them well, pass on the secret. I too have a hard time getting good exposure on a mix of bright shiny metal and dark beads.




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