Sunday, 7 June 2009

Cemetery angel shrine

Margaret set the theme for her 'It Girl' gift as 'cemetery angels'. Now, I love cemetery angels, and have had many many ideas about what to make for Margaret over the last few months.

I got up early this morning, with every intention of doing an image transfer and making it the focal point on a bag. And then I got hung up on - What kind of bag? What kind of fabric? What colour? How big? With a zip, or not? Handles long enough to go over your shoulder or just over your arm? I decided to forget the bag and make a small pillow using the transfer. I went and got the image of the angel to do the transfer, and while I was reaching for it, I spotted this shrine box....

The rest is history! I wanted the box to look old and patinated, so I painted the front and inside with Stewart Gill Metallica paint in pewter (not that any of it is visible!) and sprinkled with marcasite and also lead patina embossing powders (also Stewart Gill). I heated with my heat gun, and the paint bubbled and the embossing powder melted, and they combined to make a really nice old and weathered texture.

I had a small angel charm, which was very bright brass, so I painted it with micaceous iron oxide paint, and then gave it a rub with Treasure Gold indigo. I really do use TG on every project these days - I don't know how I ever managed without it! I stuck the little angel on the front using polyurethane glue. Hope it doesn't fall off!

Now for the inside - I glued my angel image to some stiffer card and cut her out. I gave her two thin coats of soft gel medium and stamped into it before it dried - using a sort of 'halo' stamp. I gave her a light touch of Treasure Gold in pewter, which picked up the texture. I glued a small piece of torn text form a Welsh Bible and stuck it to the back of the shrine.

I dribbled PVA glue into the bottom corners, and sprinkled it with 'Flower Soft' - I bought this stuff when it came out and have never used it before, but it looks like old dried lichen in the shrine.

I used foam pads to add the angel, holding her a little away from the back of the shrine. I used sticky dots to hold a small piece of picket fence in place (bought in Michaels or Joannes back in 2007!!) and another sticky dot to hold some small fabric roses to the fence.

She'll fly off to California soon, I hope Margaret likes her!


  1. Wow. I love everything about it.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the really big shrine at Linda's.

    I use my metallic waxes on just about evrything too. I think I would have to give up arting if they stopped making them. LOL

  2. Stunning!!! Can't wait to play with you and get inspired.

  3. Gorgeous. I have some of those shrines but haven't used them (gee, not like you've ever heard me utter that sentence before, LOL!) Well done.

  4. As always, beautfully made, a stunning piece of art. Just lovely.




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